Bowmanville Community Garden

The Bowmanville Community Garden has a long history, as it was the first community garden developed in the Bowmanville neighborhood.  Residents scouted the neighborhood for suitable locations for community gardening and identified space on Bowmanville Avenue along the cemetery wall at the intersection of Balmoral and Leavitt as an ideal locale.  The original garden was 150 feet long and is where our central trellis is located and the iconic “Welcome to Beautiful Bowmanville” sign. Thus began Bowmanville’s commitment to creating an urban landscape with lush public gardens to complement the lovely private gardens that have long been a prized feature of this community.

The Bowmanville Community Garden is now 520 feet long and includes lush landscape, several resting spots, and an area of community vegetable plots at the east end.  A path connects the vegetable gardens on the east end to the BCO GreenSpace park area at the west end of the cemetery wall.  Neighbors can apply for vegetable plots in the Bowmanville garden on an annual basis.

The Bowmanville Community Garden is one of, over 100, NeighborSpace protected garden spaces in Chicago.

1st place winner in Mayor Daley’s Community Landscape Award program (Region 2)

2006 and 2009

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