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Community Outreach

We have formalized a process to encourage community members or groups with Bowmanville ties to suggest outreach projects that might be meaningful to Bowmanville residents and the Bowmanville Community Organization.

If you have a project idea you’d like the BCO to consider please fill out and submit this BCO Community Outreach Support Request.

Recent examples of things we have supported are the BCO Amundsen Arts Thank You campaign and the Balmoral Nursing Home outreach.

Membership makes it happen!

Join us and be a part of our community!  Getting to know even a few people in your neighborhood can make all the difference, and the BCO makes that easy.

There are many reasons to join us:

  • Connect with other people who are new to the neighborhood
  • Share experiences and resources
  • Meet some long-time residents
  • Find out more about the neighborhood and the BCO

Contact the membership Committee


Bowmanville Merch

Bowmanville t-shirts and prints are available!  The BCO has limited numbers of t-shirts in stock directly, contact to see what sizes we have left.  $20 for Men and youth sizes, $22 for Womens cut if buying direct from BCO.  You can also order t-shirts or frame ready prints directly from local artist Steve Shanabruch at







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