Membership makes it happen!

Membership in the BCO supports the programs and activities of the organization. 25% of the funding of the BCO comes from membership. Annually we send out membership renewal notices. You should receive it in the month that your membership started.

Membership is only $20.00 per year.

Join us and be a part of our community!  Getting to know even a few people in your neighborhood can make all the difference, and the BCO makes that easy.

There are many reasons to join us:

  • Connect with other people who are new to the neighborhood
  • Share experiences and resources
  • Meet some long-time residents
  • Find out more about the neighborhood and the BCO

Membership hands


Email the Membership Committee


Community Outreach

We have formalized a process to encourage community members or groups with Bowmanville ties to suggest outreach projects that might be meaningful to Bowmanville residents and the Bowmanville Community Organization.  If you have a project idea you’d like the BCO to consider or donate to please fill out and submit this BCO Community Outreach Support Request.


Bowmanville Merch

Bowmanville t-shirts and prints are available!  The BCO has limited numbers of t-shirts in stock directly, contact to see what sizes we have left.  $20 for Men and youth sizes, $22 for Womens cut if buying direct from BCO.  You can also order t-shirts or frame ready prints directly from local artist Steve Shanabruch at






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