Bowmanville Community Notice  Sept 10, 2011

The BCO Board of Directors wants YOU!  We are looking to fill a number of vacancies on the BCO Board with Bowmanville residents who will bring energy and ideas into the community process.   We invite you to nominate yourself or a friend or a neighbor you think would be an outstanding candidate for the BCO’s Board of Directors or Officers.

You can download the nominating information & form here .

Please return the nominating form by September 14, 2011. Nomination Form 2011 (this link is for the 2011 form only)

Whether you are a long-time resident or new to Bowmanville, we hope you’ll consider joining the Board. 

When the nominating process is completed, the new slate will be presented to the general membership of the BCO for election on October 20, 2011. The slate will include the 25 positions listed below. The term of office is one year. Please feel free to nominate candidates for any or all of the positions. 

1 President 

1 Vice President                                   

1 Secretary

1 Treasurer                                        

12 Board of Director members

Seven Nominating Committee Positions with two Alternates 

We ask that Board members attend regular board meetings on the third Thursday of each month and participate in at least one of the following BCO committees:

Planning and Development, Events, Gardening, Membership, Communications, Safety, The Bowmanville Bee 

If you have any questions about the BCO, the nominating process or the responsibilities involved, call the BCO hotline at 866.837.1006

Thank-you. The 2011 Nominating Committee:

Jeff Graves, John Paraoan, Laura Novy, Carrie Mitchell, Laura Sabransky, Barbara Wolke, Betty Redmond

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