BCO Board of Directors and Officers for 2009 – 2010

Directors term is November 2009 through October 2010

Board of Directors


Otto Barone

B A Church

John Maloney

Kris Neurauter

Amy Gawura

John Paraoan

Elizabeth Gabbard

Wes Salsbury

Mandel Goodkin

Claire Shingler

Jeff Graves

Justin Villar

Jimmy Hannon

Barbara Wolke

Mona Majeed

Jim Yorton



Executive Committee

Claire Shingler

Claire Shingler

LizGabbard Vice President,

Liz Gabbard

JJYortonpic Treasurer,

Jim Yorton

jparaoanweb Secretary,

John Paraoan

Nominating Committe Members for 2009-2010

Board Positions: General Membership:
Liz Gabbard Jamie Barrios
John MaloneyAdam Gotskind
Wes Salsburg Laura Sabransky
 Trish Torres
Board Alternate:General Membership Alternate:
Jim HannonBetty Redmond




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