There are five main standing committees in the BCO that serve the members and our community: Events, Gardening, Planning and Development, Communications and Membership.  Explore these committees at the links below.

Two additional permanent committees serve the needs of the organization itself: the Auditing Committee, and Nominating Committee.

A Bylaws Committee is a “Special Committee” that is active when needed.

Their are three additional “Special Committees” currently authorized and operating: GreenSpace CommitteePublic Art Committee and Finance Commitee.

Events Committee

The Events committee produces the annual and special events of the BCO. Four main events are currently planned:

The BCO Events Committee is officially committed to having FUN with our annual events! We kick off the outdoor season the Annual Street Sale, traditionally held the first weekend in June each year. This great event enables residents to clean out their basements and sell their surplus to the shoppers who wait. Past years have seen 90+ families participating in the sale, with a big draw of shoppers. Recently we have added a post-sale happy hour to allow sellers to unwind and compare notes after it’s over.

The Bowmanville Garden Walk shows off the amazing beauty hidden within our community. 2013 is the 15th Anniversay of the Bowmanville Garden Walk and features 23 locations. It is also our seventh exhibit of garden photography by community members.

The Ice Cream Social provides an afternoon of fun, camaraderie, prizes and free ice cream! This is a great time to mingle with neighbors and to meet new people.

Our Fall/Halloween event has been hugely popular for both young and old. We have featured a haunted tunnel (at Ravenswood & Berwyn) in past years, and most recently have done a Community Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch (block party style) with Rogers Park Montessori School.  The event featured Live Music, Food, and Costumes where the whole community came together to celebrate, with fun and spooks for all.

Gardening Committee

The BCO Gardening Committee organizes volunteers to maintain our three community gardens.  The Bowmanville Community Garden, at 5386-5410 N Bowmanville , The Gateway Garden at 1801 W Balmoral and the West Gate Garden at 2329-2339 W Berwyn. Volunteers maintain a regular schedule of watering, weeding, mulching and pruning.  As past chairman Tom Kennedy says, “This is the way-coolest committee. You don’t have to know a darn thing about gardening to get involved and have fun” The motto is: Come when you can, Leave when you must!

Planning and Development Committee

The BCO Planning and Development committee keeps its fingers on the pulse of development in our community. Bowmanville continues to attract avid interest among residential and commercial developers.  Working with the Alderman’s office and city departments, the Planning and Development Committee monitors real estate and commercial development in the community and provides guidelines to developers and businesses when requesting zoning changes through the Alderman’s office. They inform the community of initial plans that require zoning changes and host community feedback meetings with developers.  The committee also fosters partnerships with local industrial and commercial businesses.

Communications Committee

The BCO Communications Committee informs and updates the community of news and events. They are responsible for the publication of the Bowmanville Bee and the electronic e-Bee. The Bowmanville Bee began in December 1995 as a four page newsletter trumpeting the renaissance of the BCO and voicing concerns of the neighborhood residents.  The Bee covers crime, traffic, development, local history, committee news and a calendar of local events. The e-Bee and topical e-mail blasts bring time sensitive information straight to your inbox. This committee also maintains the BCO phone line and this web site.

Membership Committee

The BCO Membership Committee works hard to expand the reach of the BCO.  In 2008 a membership drive was launched featuring events including a New Neighbor Social, a Food Drive, a door-to-door campaign, and the inception of the BCO Kids Rewards program.  Special membership drive events are planned to introduce new residents to the organization and their neighbors. Membership also helps members connect with the other committees for volunteer work and social events. This committee is open to new and innovative ideas on how to get current members more involved and how to continue to expand our membership.  Joining the effort is a great way to meet new people, test out new ideas, and get out there in the neighborhood.

Membership makes it happen!

BCO GreenSpace Committee

The BCO GreenSpace Committee was formed in 2009 –  This committee was created to research permanent green space locations in the community and to facilitate the planning and establishment of parkland and open community spaces. The committee joined Friends of the Parks to form BCO GreenSpace Chicago. See more information on the GreenSpace page.

Public Art Committee

The public Art Committee was established in Nov 2010 – This Committee was created to research and promote public art offerings in the Bowmanville community.  Their current project is the Berwyn Pedestrian Tunnel Mural. See more information on the Public Art page.