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Bowmanville has a small but thriving industrial corridor all its own, with the main arteries being Foster and Western Avenues, Damen and Wolcott Avenues, Rascher and Bowmanville Avenues. The community is also strategically located within walking distance to both the Andersonville and Lincoln Square neighborhoods, putting all those businesses within easy reach of our residents. In addition to the physical businesses in and around Bowmanville, many neighbors have home based businesses and/or work from home.

 There are many ways for your business to promote themselves, get involved in the community and support the BCO. Everything from advertising to hosting events. Even something like donating raffle prizes or offering a BCO Bargain to our members gets your name out in the community.

Read more on the BCO Business Contribution & Advertiser Information sheet and let’s find the best way we can work together.

Join our Business Outreach Email by clicking on this link: http://eepurl.com/26CkP to be kept in the loop on opportunities to support the Bowmanville community. Learn how you can help ensure Bowmanville continues to evolve in a positive direction to support its residents and businesses.

As of the Spring 2019, the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce has expanded this reach to the businesses in Bowmanville. Click on the link below to learn more about how they can assist with your business questions and needs.

If you’d like to have your business listed on this page, please contact comm@bcochicago.org

Bowmanville Neighborhood Boundaries

Map of Bowmanville Neighborhood in Chicago, IL

Map of Bowmanville Neighborhood in Chicago, IL

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