Gateway Garden Preservation & Expansion: Help/DONATE

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Total Funds Raised: $28,828 = 58% of $50,000 goal
(updated on July 21, 2017)

DONATE ONLINE via PublicGood website

Thank you for your support! We’re seeking contributions from individuals, businesses, and organizations. Contributions are tax deductible through NeighborSpace, a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

Business and Foundation Giving
If your organization can provide support, or if you can connect us with prospective donors, please contact View the list of Supporting Organizations.

Individual Giving
Donations at any level are appreciated! You can choose how you’d like to be acknowledged for your contribution, or remain anonymous.

So far 20 individual ambassadors have offered up their personal networks, creative ideas, and hospitality toward our fundraising campaign. Each ambassador has committed to raising at least $500. Contact us if you’d like to become a fundraising ambassador.

Here are some ways you can help support our effort– with time, money, and fun! Email us if you have a fundraising idea or would like to sponsor or help with an event.

  • July 21st, Candlelight Yoga at Namaskar Yoga with Chris de Lizer
    Namaskar Yoga and Bowmanville neighbor Teresa Gale will be hosting a benefit class with ALL proceeds going toward the Gateway Garden project!  Join together for a chance to reset and restore – and earn up to $500 for our cause!  All levels are welcome.  You can pre-register online or show up at the door.

Here are the details:

– Friday July 21st, 8-9:30pm

Namaskar Yoga

– 3946 N Southport Ave

– $20 CASH at the door

  • House Parties– call for hosts!

Ideas we’ve seen work well: a chili cook-off, HamBingo at Hamburger Mary’s, a yard or garden party at a neighbors’, a birthday bash. There are so many fun ways to host these– do it on your own or pair up with a neighbor. Contact us to let us know you’re interested.

  • WANT Matching Gift campaign West Andersonville Neighbors Together is matching donations from West Andersonville neighbors and friends of WANT – up to $500.  To activate this match just use your West Andersonville address in the donor info or note WANT in the comments/in honor of section of your donor info.  Thank you WANT and West Andersonville neighbors for your support!


  • Block Party Challenge
    Calling all Bowmanville blocks who hold block parties! A pie throwing booth? Hot dog sales? A donation jar? We’ll spotlight your efforts on the BCO Facebook page and in the Bee. Let us know how we can help you make it happen.


  • Spread the Word
    Share the Many Ways to Give PDF with anyone who you think would help support this effort.


Supporting Organizations List

  • NeighborSpace
  • Bowmanville Community Organization (BCO)
  • Alderman Patrick O’Connor, City of Chicago Ward 40
  • U.S. Congressman Mike Quigley, IL District 05
  • Driehaus Foundation
  • Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce
  • Andersonville Chamber of Commerce
  • Amundsen High School
  • Rogers Park Montessori School
  • West Andersonville Neighbors Together (WANT)
  • Holland & Knight LLP
  • NorthEdgeGroup @properties
  • Mobile Perspectives LLC
  • Design Union
  • Jean Tumbaga
  • HalfAcre Beer Company
  • Metropolitan Brewing
  • Spiteful Brewing
  • The Claddagh Ring Pub
  • Ampersand Wine Bar
  • I Monelli Trattoria Pizza
  • DueLire Vino & Cucina
  • Lucky Prints
  • Property of Chicago @properties
  • Namaskar Yoga
  • 1800 Farragut neighbors
  • Summerdale/Balmoral neighbors – 1800 Block
  • 2200 Farragut neighbors
  • 2100 Summerdale/Hoyne neighbors

Donor List (alphabetical)

  • Ed Aguirre
  • Janet & Roy Ahlgren
  • The Albrecht Family
  • Amundsen High School
  • Jim Anderson & Chuck Williams
  • Richard & Judy Andersen
  • Cathy Lee Anderson
  • Anonymous (18)
  • Ann Marie and Joe Arden
  • Laura Austin
  • Rebecca and Ritesh Banerjee
  • Jack Beaupied & Jeff Graves
  • Kristine Behof
  • Larry Bell & Kaleo Staszkow
  • Kevin Betz
  • LeRoy Blommaert
  • Juliet Blumenthal
  • Brownie and Colleen Sheehan
  • Celia Bucci
  • Mike & Robin Byrne
  • Seth & Katherine Captain
  • William Castro
  • Laura Cohen
  • Ernesto Costa & Brant Elliott
  • Sheila Costello
  • Anne Close
  • Larry & Jean Delahanty
  • Yarrow Dougherty
  • Douglas Family
  • Sharon & Robert Edwards
  • David Eisenstein and Jeremy Tromburg
  • Steven Elrod
  • Beth Emperor
  • Noelle & Rob Etheridge
  • Wendy Fairchild & James Kriegsmann
  • Joe & Elizabeth Fenner
  • Bill & Kate Ferguson
  • Dan & Darlene Fournier
  • Eliza & Dave Fournier
  • Denise Foy & Suzanne Brown
  • Teresa Gale & Stewart Weiss
  • Alicia Garcia
  • Greta Goddijn
  • Dena Gordon
  • Keith Goudy and Shelby Hoult
  • Maryon Gray
  • Andrew Hadland
  • Tony and Riikka Haig
  • Craig Hanenburg
  • Katie Hanson & Paul Ziliak
  • Gretchen Hartke
  • Kathryn Hellman
  • Paul Herbert
  • Nancy Hirsch & Salud Moreno
  • Jane Hirt
  • Karen Horowitz
  • Holly Hoyer
  • Kristina Hunter – Happy Birthday Mona Yaeger!
  • Chris & Helen Hutchens
  • David Johnston
  • Charles Jones
  • Keely Jones
  • Daniel Kelber
  • Allison & Rich Kelliher-Paz
  • Russ Klettke
  • Mike & Barbara Kraetsch
  • Keith Lamberg & Joe Toups
  • Diana Leifer
  • Sarah J Leonard
  • Heidi Liddle and Abraham Bhutt
  • Laurie Little
  • Emanuel Lopez
  • Jean Losek
  • Monisha Lozier
  • Caroline Lubbers
  • Billy Lyman
  • Becky Lyons
  • Kathy McC
  • Liza McElroy
  • Greg & Nadine McFarren
  • The McTurnans
  • Karen E. Minturn
  • Lori & Lee Morlock
  • Maureen Murnane
  • Tim Noworyta
  • Taylor O’Brien & Patrick Freeman
  • Sara Parikh and Scott Baker
  • Frank Pipal
  • U.S. Congressman Mike Quigley, IL-05
  • Eliseo Ramos Jr
  • Elizabeth Redmond
  • Trisha Rich
  • The Riley Family, in honor of grandmothers Lorraine McLaughlin and Carol Riley who loved to grow things
  • Jennifer & Steven Ringblom
  • Rae Ritsch
  • Dan Rocha
  • Rogers Park Montessori School
  • Ann Scholhamer
  • Eli Shearn
  • Claire & Todd Shingler
  • Lisa Simone
  • Julianna Smith
  • Jill Stanchfield
  • Suzanne Tenney
  • Ryan Tooker
  • Terry Trampiets
  • Brad Vah
  • Van Houtum Family
  • Joseph Van Oosbree
  • Mara Walsh
  • Shannon Wilcox
  • Helaine Witt in honor of the Weiss’s
  • Leavett Wofford & Tom Kennedy
  • Mona & Greg Yaeger