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Bowmanville is home to wonderful open spaces and community gardens, carefully cultivated by neighbors.  Each of these spaces were created over the years on the initiative of active community members as part of an effort to make Bowmanville one of the greenest, most livable communities in Chicago.  Residents are proud of their efforts and partnerships with other organizations to bring life to these spaces.  Strategic partnerships include:  the City of Chicago and Alderman Patrick O’Connor, Openlands, NeighborSpace, Friends of the Parks and previously GreenCorps and GreenNet.  The BCO and Bowmanville neighbors are grateful to each of these organizations for their support to realize our plans.

Bowmanville’s visible and enduring commitment to creating a sustainable and green urban environment has been recognized across the city.  The BCO and Bowmanville neighbors have received gardening awards, grants, media spotlights and support for expansion opportunities.  This all began with a group of dedicated neighbors with vision, grit, and determination.  The city of Chicago has been instrumental in supporting our efforts.Neighbor stewardship of the community gardens in Bowmanville continues, as all of our gardens are maintained through volunteer effort.  We continue to pursue opportunities to expand and improve our open spaces.

One of the highlights of our communitGardenery gardens now is the vibrant vegetable gardening that bring neighbors together in cultivating fresh food options for their families.  Veggie plots in the Bowmanville and Gateway Gardens become available annually.

Read more about the history and use of each open space in Bowmanville.

Vegetable Gardening ( at both Gateway Garden and Bowmanville Garden)
the Bowmanville Garden (Bowmanville Avenue along the cemetery wall)
the Gateway Garden
the Westgate Garden (Berwyn Avenue at Western Avenue)         
the BCO GreenSpace (5384 N Bowmanville Avenue, north side of Bowmanville Ave, just before Bell Ave)                                                                                        

Bowmanville and its green spaces have been featured in several publications, and our green efforts have received several awards over their years.  Some highlights are included below.




Bowmanville Community Garden wins 1st place in Mayor Daley’s 2009 Landscape Awards program Region 2 !

Fall 2009 coverCheck out the feature article about Bowmanville “Cucumbers and Cannas”, a Chicagoland Gardening Magazine article

Chicagoland Gardening Magazine


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