The Communications Committee works on keeping everyone informed and up to date on BCO events, meetings and local issues.  The Bowmanville Bee  is the printed publication for the BCO and is published quarterly as the seasons change.  The e-Bee is an electronic e-mail publication that is also published 4 times a year in the months between the distribution of the printed Bowmanville Bee.  The Communications Committee also sends out BCO “special issues” e-mails (BCO e-blast) whenever an important community issue or event needs attention and could not be included in either the Bowmanville Bee or the e-Bee.  The BCO phone line is available for leaving us a message.  Call  (773) 349-2268 anytime.

This Web site is another way we communicate to everyone.  If you have content ideas for this web site or stories for one of our publications, please contact BCO Communications 

The BCO is looking for a person the head up the Communication Committee.  This chairman keeps the committee members organized at monthly meetings on the first Thursday of each month, works with our Web Master, keeps the Board and other committees informed and updates the publications schedules.   It is a fun and creative opportunity, and a great way to contribute to the Bowmanville community.