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We seek new Board members for the BCO Board of Directors to be seated at our election every two years in October. Nominating deadline is September 10 of the election year.  We can also fill vacancies as they come up throughout the year.  Nominate yourself or someone you know.  Submit names to  You can also print and drop off this Nominating Form if preferred.

If you missed a chance to join this year’s board but still want to get involved, please get in touch at   There are many ways to keep Bowmanville moving forward.

The BCO Board of Directors is elected at the October Open Meeting of the BCO.

The 2017-2018 Board of Directors (elected October 20, 2016, term ends October 2018) :

16 Board of Director Positions with 4 officers designated:              

1.  Kate Clark
2.  Beth Emperor              SECRETARY
3.  William Ferguson
4.  Ron Galant
5.  Jeff Graves
6.  Craig Hanenburg        TREASURER
7.  Barbara Kraetsch
8.  Michael Kraetsch
9.  Dan Lias
10. Alexandre Schleider
11. Ann Scholhamer           VICE PRESIDENT
12. Claire Shingler
13. Scott Smith
14. Suzanne Tenney
15. Stewart Weiss
16. Mona Yaeger                 PRESIDENT

2017-2018 Nominating Committee  (7 positions and 2 alternates):
Board reps:  Claire Shingler, Ann Scholhamer, Mona Yaeger, alternate Craig Hanenburg
Member reps: Paula Palmentera, Peter McFadden, Kathleen Feeney, Noelle Etheridge, alternate David Johnston


Bowmanville has a rich history of neighbors stepping into community service. Many thanks to those neighbors who have served on the board in the past.  Those with asterisk have served as past officers. Your time, energy  and leadership has made a difference in our community.

Elba Acevedo *
Janet Ahlgren
Otto Barone
David Bevan
Ernestine Bettini
Noelle Braun-Etheridge
Cindy Burgin *                       Dan Chapman*                          Joey Chiappetta
B.A. Church
Gail Clark
Kate Clark
Sabine Cummins*
Alexa Dunn
Sherri Farris *                           Kathleen Moran Feeney
William Ferguson*
Liz Gabbard *
Scott Galassini *
Amy Gawura
Mandel Goodkin
Jeff Graves *
Maria Gullo
Kelly Hague
Craig Hanenburg *
Jim Hannon
Julie Hart
Ellen Jurczak *
Heidi Kafka
Billy Kuczek
Scott Lair *
Felice Levin
Dan Lias*
Sue McCoy
Peter McFadden *
Sharon McGill
John Maloney
Mona Majeed
Elif Martinez
Julia Masenthin
Kathleen Moran
Lori Morlock
Laura Moser
Joe Mulherin
Jim Nagle
Kris Neurauter
Laura Novy
Anthony O’Reilly
Paula Palmentera *
John Paraoan *
Betty Redmond *
Jay Rehak
Eloise Reimer *
William Reynolds
Debbie Rooney
Josh Samson
Wes Salsbury *
Laura Schmidt *
Claire Shingler *
Tammi Sinegal
Jim Sinegal *
Mark Soehn *
Menghua Sun *
Elsa Vainzettel
Justin Villar
Stewart Weiss                            Michelle Wilson
Barbara Wolke
Jim Yorton *
Amy Zoeller

If your name or others should be on this list and is missing, let us know and we will update it!  Email